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What is MOV

MOV is a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol based on Bytom's mainchain-sidechain architecture. Consisting 3 core modules: Value Exchange Engine Magnetic Contract (Magnet), Decentered Cross-Chain Gateway (OFMF) and Layer 2 High Speed Sidechain (Vapor), MOV is dedicated to building a heterogeneous value asset exchange and collaboration ecosystem.


  • Main-side chain

    Sidechain Vapor operates large-scale commercial applications, while mainchain Bytom ensures security and stability to breakthrough the bottleneck of traditional blockchain performance.

  • Unique

    Reduce the secure confirmation time of transaction to 500ms. The TPS of system can reach 20000+ which refreshes the record of traditional blockchain.

  • Magnet

    Integrated support for magnet contracts based on the BUTXO model, building a new open contract verification consensus, introducing pluggable module design.

  • Open

    the trustless and standardized gateways will greatly simplify the consensus cost and technology access costs of cross-chain collaboration.


Federation node plays an essential role in OFMF. It serves as the cross-chain managing node and the infrastructure for decentralized asset custody in the MOV financial ecosystem.

Federation custodian node comes from different key projects in the DeFi industry, and it is the most important asset entrance for the MOV ecosystem.

Federation Documents

Block Producer

Block producer node adopts DPos + BBFT consensus algorithms to ensure the security of the whole MOV blockchain system. Block producer node can get profit from MOV trading fees and block production rewards.

Block Producer List

Block Producer Document

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MOV provides a digital asset storage scheme to help users experience the Defi ecosystem brought by MOV. And supports multiple mainstreaming digital wallets, no barriers to cross-chain assets.


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